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Do you source and store organic products and then retail? Are you using chemicals for long storage of food grains.? Do you want to increase the life of your product up to 2 to 3 times.

Do you export your food or import food and has a big problem of moisture and oxidation and products getting spoilt.

Do you face mold, bacteria and insect problem in you're stored/exported/ imported commodities when stored for a longer time.

Now Introducing Storezo bags! specially designed to pack bulk products from 20 kgs to 100 kgs. We can pack products like green coffee, pulses, any type of food grains, cocoa, chemicals, etc….

Storezo bags is only used as an inner liner bags. So there should be some outer bag/packaging of woven PP, jute, plastic drum, steel drum, wooden case, etc…..

In storezo bags, we guarantee 7 to 10 times less moisture and oxygen penetration compared with Normal Plastic Liner bags used. Change normal plastic liner and use storezo bags for longer shelf life. Try once and get satisfied. Save and make millions now !!!

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