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Cold Seal Roll

We manufacture printed rewind rolls with rotogravure printing technology. We can print upto 9 colors. Rotogravure printing technology as better printing result compared with flexographic printing it can print upto 600 DPI compared 200 DPI with flexo. Rotogravure printed film will look more natural, crisp and clean and in flexo printing we can see grain effect and haze effect in printed film.

We have capability to laminate the film with different substrate like Polyester, Bopp, metalized pet, CPP, EVOH, NYLON, Brown paper, white paper, aluminium foil etc….We can make multilayered laminated structures as required.

We can now manufacture biodegradable printed rolls and print upto 9 colors for those who specially require to pack organic products.

We make non laminated rolls and can manufacture surface printed films as per requirement.

We also manufacture registered cold seal rolls specially used to pack chocolate bars, granola bars, muesli bars, energy bars, cakes, biscuits and cookies.