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Tintie without fitting – Brown Kraft

Tintie without fitting – Brown Kraft


This tinties works like zipper to reclose the bag again

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We offer tinties that fits into side gusset bags and flat bottom pouches. This tinties works like zipper to reclose the bag again. Tinties are expensive but it looks elegant and artisan. We have three colors white, black,
brown paper look.

How to fix tinties : tintie has glue on one side. Please open tab and fix on the surface of the pouch. Glue should not come out of tinties so please select tintie as per your size of the bag and select size of tintie where the bag is bigger than glued area of tintie. Total tintie length has to be atleast 20-25mm bigger than the bag so it can hold the folded bag completely.


Black Tintie without fitting, Kraft Tintie without fitting, White Tintie without fitting


120mm, 140mm, 177mm


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