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Brown Paper Oxodegradable Stand Up Pouch – Brand BakToEarth (with Zipper & Valve)

Brown Paper Oxodegradable Stand Up Pouch – Brand BakToEarth (with Zipper & Valve)


Stand up Resealable Pouches are suitable for packing coffee, tea, powders, granules and food items.

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We are Canada’s largest stock holder of Oxo-degradable bags with zipper in different sizes from 28 grams to 1 kgs with coffee beans volume. Our oxo-degradable plastic bags is named as ”Bak2earth”. The bags comes with Oxo-degradable zipper In ”bak2earth” bags we can fill products like coffee, tea, super foods, protein powders, raw foods, organic food, powders, spices, baking mixes, nuts, flours, organic coffee, organic teas, some jerky products, cookies, snacks, seasonings, chocolates , candies, organic pet food, sugar, salt, popcorn etc…

Bak2earth is made with 45 to 60% {by weight} renewable wood pulp starch. Wood pulp starch is completely Oxo-degradable. Our bags are tested with USA ASTM D-6868 and D-6400 standard and it confirms that 100% of wood pulp starch based portion will be dissolved in healthy compostable in approx 85 days with residential composting environment facility. Balance 55 to 40% {by weight} of packaging is PE from fossil and it contains additive that helps to breakdown over approx ten years. Bak2earth when disposed and is removed and placed in the bin, it will have less problem in managing waste compared with standard Plastic PE. The shelf life of the product packed in oxo-degradable bags will not be as good as normal plastic packaging. Please test the life of your product before ordering the bags. Please change to oxo-degradable packaging to add value in your packaging.


Biodegradable Brow SUP with Valve


28gm (80mm x 130mm x 50mm) – with Zipper, 28gm (80mm x 130mm x 50mm) – no Zipper, 50gm (95mm x 150mm x 60mm), 70gm (110mm x 170mm x 70mm), 100gm (120mm x 200mm x 80mm), 150gm (130mm x 210mm x 80mm), 250gm (160mm x 230mm x 90mm), 350gm (170mm x 250mm x 90mm), 500gm (190mm x 260mm x 100mm), 750gm (210mm x 310mm x 55mm), 1000gm (235mm x 335mm x 110mm)


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