Flat Bottom Pouches

Flat Bottom Pouches

Pouch Direct have been manufacturing a wide array of flat bottom pouches by utilizing the latest technology and high quality materials. These flat bottom pouches can be formed in square with four vertical faces and a flat bottom; they are also referred as square bottom, box bottom and block bottom pouches. Our flat bottom bags are able to stand steadily on the shelves when we fill the contents into the bags so they provide an elegant appearance on the shelves to attract consumers. These pouches are a unique and innovative packaging solution that would be surely helpful for distinguishing your products and grabbing the attention of the consumers at the point of purchase.

  • Our flat bottom pouches are available in several colours, sizes and dimensions as per the requirements of our clients. Our stock pouches are mainly available in blue, green, silver, gold, white, red and black colours with matte, shiny and glossy finishing touch.
  • We also offer custom printed flat bottom pouches. The latest rotogravure technique is utilized for producing high quality custom printed pouches with most unique and innovative logos and designs up to nine different colours.
  • Our block bottom pouches are useful for packaging a comprehensive range of products from completely different industries including
    • Organic Products
    • Chocolates Packaging
    • Coffee Packaging
    • Spices Packaging
    • Snack Food Products
    • Pharmaceutical Products
    • Tea Packaging and many others.

Technical Aspects:

  • Various FDA approved plastic materials like PPE, BPP, LLDPE, PE and PE are utilized within the manufacturing procedure of our flat bottom bags that provide excellent durability standards and tear resistance strength.
  • We also offer metalized or aluminium foil layer laminated flat bottom pouches which provide excellent barrier against moisture, odors, oxygen and any other bacterial contamination and elongate the shelf life of the products.
  • The flat bottom bags are also available in Kraft paper which can be an eco-friendly packaging solution. Our block bottom bags are also inclusive of several consumer friendly accessories like
    • Euro slot
    • Re-sealable zippers
    • Degassing valves
    • Tear notch
    • Transparent window

Advantages of Usage:

  • We are able to display nutritional information about the products on our custom printed block bottom bags that would be advantageous for both the retailers and the consumers.
  • Our flat bottom pouches with re-sealable zipper help consumer to re-close the pouches after one use, so they are convenient enough.
  • Transparent window attached with the bags facilitate consumers to view the products before deciding to buy them. And our flat bottom pouches with degassing valves are able to preserve the freshness, flavor and fragrance of the products for longer time.

So if you are looking for an innovative, flexible and convenient packaging solution for your product, then you can contact us without any hesitation; we will try our best to fulfill your packaging requirements at the most possible way.