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Custom Spouted Pouches

We manufacture custom printed spout pouches as per customer design specifications. We can make spout pouches starting from 50 ml size to 5 litres.

Our spout pouches are used to pack products like salad dressing, honey, baby foods, fruit puree, liquid chocolate, cooking oils, soup, tomato ketchup, egg yolk, Yogurt, energy drink, fruit juices, liquid detergent, shampoo, construction chemicals, paints, etc.

We can also fill powdered products in spout pouches like salt, sugar, porridge etc….powdered products are more convenient to handle in spout pouches as we do not require spoon to take out the product and no spillage of product.

Spout pouches uses less amount of plastic compared with plastic bottles. Spout pouches uses 5 to 7 times less space in transportation compared with plastic bottles so spout pouches has less carbon footprint.